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Who we are...

We are a father and son team that have developed a love of clocks over the years, not just as machines, but as characters, and have decided to share our hobby with a wider circle than our own family.

We don’t see clocks just as a means of telling the time, but also as works or art that need to look right in the place the occupy in your home. We have the luxury of only buying clocks that we like ourselves and could see in a place in our own homes - indeed, sometimes it is very hard to let them go...

All our clocks are part of the family and none are sent out into the world without us being sure that they are in the best shape to do so. We have no interest in anything but the best and hence that is what we deliver to you .


Heinz & Kurt Roosen, Founders of StreamOn

- Personal delivery and setup service available availablefacilisis.

- 3 Month Guarantee - “maintaining the safetynet”

- Regular Servicing available - “just checking”

- Email advice available - “staying in touch”

- Buyback service available - “keeping it in the family”

- Search service available - “finding your ideal”

What we acquire...

StreamOn seeks out the most beautiful pieces of horological architecture, but not by looking at the name and not seeing beyond that. We seek out quality and more often than not that quality coincides with something exceptional to look at - a testimony to the craft that developed it. Not every clock has this special quality but this is what we look for in adding members to our family.We will have an ugly clock simply because it is a collectors piece - we want pieces that will be enjoyed in everyday life - we are just lucky enough to be their custodians, at least for a little while...


Once we have a clock we do everything we can to make sure it is as perfect as it’s age will allow. Like us, clocks develop a character which changes with time and, within reason, it is that character which makes it what it is and it’s not appropriate to try and change that. We rarely have pieces that are less than 100 years old, so the best we can do is strive to as near perfection as their character will allow.

Mauris rutrum

Morbi nisl

In eget sapien

“We do what we do because we like doing it - we hope that this will come across in your dealings with us. If we do that right then tell your friends, if we do something wrong then tell us so we can fix it.”

Every clock that we sell is a member of our family, and therefore we both want it to go to a good home and achieve it’s potential. But, like any family member, you never really let it go...

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